I'm Zarghun Dean, and I help companies become great brands.

I took an idea (TRIBEZA Magazine) and built it into a multi-million dollar media, event, and design company by collaborating with amazing talents like Dan Winters, Peter Yang, Lauren Smith Ford, and Tim McClure. Along the way, the brand picked up numerous awards and became the recognized voice of Austin's creative class.

I've also worked with some amazing companies and non-profits like Texas Monthly, Four Seasons Hotel, Service Menswear, Capital Area Food Bank, Gusto Italian Kitchen + Wine Bar, and AIA Austin to elevate their presence in the real world and online. Today, I guide companies to understand their own brand potential and help them reach it. Super Varsity is the creative space where I take simple ideas and transform them into powerful results for my clients.

How my approach is different from other agencies

Most agencies only focus on design. As powerful as design can be to your business, it's only one part of your customers' brand experience. I map the bigger picture for you so that you can understand all of the potential touchpoints your brand creates and strategize with you to increase their value to your bottom line. Today's successful companies understand the value of their brands and the transformational effect it can have when their brand shifts the conversation from features and benefits to experiences and community building.

How I can help you

Three steps get you to increased value for your company:

1. Figure out what brand space your company occupies right now

2. Understand what the highest value brand space is for your company

3. Work together to map engagement touchpoints that shift your brand from where it is to where it needs to be

This is an exciting and rewarding journey that I help you with - from strategizing at a high level to jumping into your business and creating the content that will create greater impact and value through your brand. Whether it's design, copywriting, social media, events, or any other creative need, I've got you covered.

Let's get started!