The Vocabulary of Marketing

Talk to 10 marketing and design pros and you're likely to get 10 different definitions for the most basic concepts that are the foundation of the marketing world. In order to be able to talk about the work we do, we have to have a common language. So to that end, I'd like to share what these terms mean to the Super Varsity team.

Marketing - the processes, strategies, and tactics for acquiring and retaining buyers for your product or service.

Brand - a perception of your product, service, or company that a person carries around with them. This perception is the result of the collective experiences she’s had with your product and impacts her decision to choose your product over another, pay a premium for your product, or evangelize your product. Your brand is the layer where your brand signals and a consumer’s experiences intersect.

Branding - Aligning your company, product, and/or service to your highest value customer's journey.

Content Marketing - demonstrating your company's brand through storytelling.

Visual I.D. System - the visual elements that identify your brand such as your logo, color palette, fonts, etc.

Both businesses and creatives tend to use many of these terms interchangeably. But in order to have the greatest positive impact on creating customers for your product/service, customer satisfaction, and profitability, each of these elements have to be defined and understood separately as well as a part of an overall strategy. We'll explore each element individually in future posts.


Zarghun Dean